Unbiased View of Climate Change

With the political landscape being so polarized now I will throw in some of my thoughts about climate change and global warming in this complexed arena. Having a background in science including meteorology I’m offering thoughts and insight for you to consider for this very controversial subject.

First of all I agree that burning of fossil fuels has created trapped carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere adding a greenhouse veil over our planet. We must not forgot that climate change is also long process of various cycles the earth goes through that can add up to millions of years. Many may not know that where each one of is standing now a glacier 2 miles thick of ice covered New England only 12,000 years ago all the way to Long Island Sound. The boulders we see now dotting our landscape is what was left behind when the glacier receded north by the warming of the atmosphere (another cycle).

The sun also has a defined role in climate change. The sun powers life on earth, it helps keep the planet warm enough for us to survive. It influences Earths climate. Solar cycles changes brightness and dimming of the sun taking 11 years to complete. During a normal solar cycle sunspot activity both lower and increases and lower activity called “grand minimum” may have the ability to temporarily cool down the earths surface moderately. With that said this cycle may have the ability to slow down the warming of the atmosphere but not reverse human caused global warming.

The current forcing of man made activities are clearly outside of the natural cycle range.

One thought on “Unbiased View of Climate Change

  1. Interesting facts. I hope I’m not crazy to think that Earth mostly heals itself & adapts to whatever us humans do while living on our beautiful planet. Nice piece, Charlie.

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