Out of the Blue

On a recent hike on a spectacular most colorful autumn day the trail came upon a calm lake reflecting the glorious reds, golds, and oranges on the still water. As I gazed ahead a shadowy grayish blue image seemed out of place on the waters edge ahead of me as the trail meandered towards the lake. There was a stately 4 foot tall Great Blue Heron not more 2 arms length away without any fear in giving up his space. Instant tranquility came upon me witnessing a complete autumn spectrum of colors with the added new color of blue. Possibly the Great Blue Heron was waiting to show off his presence before natures call to migrate to his winters home in the southern regions of the continent. His calmness was showing before natures urgent call to retire from a New England summer.

Being outdoors this time of year makes us appreciate our place in this world.

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