Buy New or Repair Old

Have you looked around your garage as the days started to chill and was wondering what lay under the large, dusty tarp in the back corner of the garage hidden from stacked paint cans? Uncovering the tarp there was old faithful looking tired, waking up for another winters task. Time to see if rust bucket has another year in its chassis. Several pulls later a labored cough sound was bouncing off the garage walls trying to engage the beast to start. Now you wonder if it’s time place the old fellow to the curb or buy new with all the bells and whistles and yes, those heated handlebars.You’re thinking about a long range winter forecast of another La Nina winter with below normal snowfall and above normal temperatures.

Invest in new or repair old?

Personally, I wouldn’t gamble on a long-range winter forecast. Accuracy is usually 30-40%. Even with forecasted milder winter there’s always a good chance that a strong Nor’easter or two or three will come up the eastern seaboard and leaves over a foot of the white stuff in its tracks. Then what do you do with a rusted out, flat tired, coughing poor excuse of useful tool to clear a snow ridden driveway.

I personally would shop around on Black Friday and find the one with the heated handlebars. You call it, “piece of mind”.

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