Risky Blue Moon on Halloween. What are the chances?

The spooky season is upon us, and this one will be a little spookier.

The night sky on Halloween will be illuminated by a blue moon, the second full moon of the month. The relatively rare occurrence happens once every two and half years.

October’s first full moon is also known as the harvest moon that already appeared on October 1st. The second full moon or blue moon will be rising over the eastern horizon at sunset on Halloween night. It’s also the first time a Halloween full blue moon has appeared since 1944 according to The Farmer’s Almanac.

When a phrase “once in a full moon” was originally stated, it meant so rare you would be lucky (or unlucky) to see one in your lifetime according to NASA.

So if anything unusual happens to you on Halloween, there just may be a reason why.

Indian Summer

Now summer wanes into fall,

The heat and strife abate.

And coolness settles over all,

The sun lags so late.

Blue hazes obscures the farthest hill,

And thoughts like cattle hug the fold.

The peaceful air is bright and still,

Who minds this growing old?

Author Unknown

The hazy appearance of the fall days is produced by frost. When water freezes inside tree leaves it cracks the cells. The volatile hydrocarbon compounds are evaporated by the heat of the sun and the wind, and the skies have a bluish haze..

The Indians told stories about the haze and writers in the 1800’s recorded the legend of Indian Summer.

Time to Admire the Daffodils

After record breaking warmth this winter and March averaging 5 degrees above normal the annual display of daffodils are off to an early start this season and are enchanting the once dormant flower beds again. Nature has a way to soothe us at times of overwhelming anguish and anxiety with its show of beauty. As the landscape transition from winter gray to sunshine yellow, hope it just around the corner.

When outside I challenge you to find the hope of spring.

We’re “ALL” in this Together

The Storm clouds filled in our blue skies a few weeks ago by a unknown dark invader that has taken over all us with fear and despair. Without going into more detail, we all know the routine to get through these dark overcast days so that one day soon the sun will rise and shed a perfect glow on all of us again. When we see the brightness from the golden glorious orb over the eastern horizon we can exhale without worry and hold hands with the ones next to us. The new dawn is coming soon. For now, Be Vigilant, Be Brave, Be Caring, Be Smart, and Be Hopeful.

Christmas will not be white but it will be perfect

We’re finally finishing a prolonged span of snow, ice, heavy thawing rain and visits from the arctic on the back side of the December storms. Thankfully our New England weather will finally calm down this Holiday week with milder than normal temperatures, sunshine and no snowstorms on the heels of Santas sleigh. Holiday revelers will have an easy time getting to and back from all Festivities through Thursday. How about those temperatures touching 50 Monday and low 40’s through the week. It will feel almost tropical like after enduring single digit lows and daytime temps only in the 20’s lately. All good things will come to an end as something will be lurking over western horizon later this month. So enjoy the time now with loved ones and friends as our weather cooperates in a very big way. A very Merry Christmas to all!